I have come up with a concept for the new Fratelli Bosco website. At the bottom of this email are some notes on the considerations and thinking behind the design of the layout. The purpose of this initial concept is to get the website off the starting blocks by creating a dialogue between us about how we see your website developing. We generally find that it is far easier to look at something and say “That’s Great” or “That’s not what want” rather than starting with a blank canvas. This concept isn’t final, it is the starting point.
At this stage I usually say have a look at the design and show it around the office to your colleagues and gather feedback about the look and feel. When you have collated constructive feedback, we would invite you to come to the offices here to work on your design with a designer in real time. Many of our clients that have been through this process have found it to be both interesting and enlightening, and we usually are able to work to a point where the client is completely happy with the design by the end of the session.