Technical Services

Fratelli Bosco has long realised the necessity of underpinning the business with strong technology. This is in order to provide its customers with the confidence that its food products have been manufactured under good conditions of hygiene, with strict quality and safety controls and in compliance with EU/UK food legislation.

To that end, we employed Alan Dulin in 1998, as Technical Director, to screen and assess our manufacturing base, according to UK customer specifications and legal requirements.

Alan is highly qualified and has held senior executive positions in both the food manufacturing and retail sectors, the latter with Marks and Spencer Plc for 20 years and thereafter as Technical Director of 3 M&S suppliers, part of a

large manufacturing conglomerate.

As the business expanded and consequently its main procurement base in Italy, the decision was taken to employ Eduardo Napolitano, a well qualified Italian technologist, with experience in both the USA and Italy. Eduardo speaks good English and has qualified as a BRC accredited auditor of food premises. His job is to carry out the initial survey and auditing of manufacturing suppliers and then, with Alan, ensure that the supply conforms to all UK conditions.

Fratelli Bosco is therefore well structured to meet the strict food standards of the UK market, which are demanded by the multiples and filter through to the manufacturing supply chain and other segments of the food industry.