Fratelli Bosco appreciate that sourcing the right quality raw materials is fundamental to achieving top quality, good value finished products. This is also essential if authentic Italian recipe ingredients are to be used with their corresponding provenance.

Customer requirements in this sector often require product innovation and individuality, in addition to keen price points. Consequently we welcome the opportunity to work with them, in order to develop bespoke, tailor made ingredients according to their specific needs. This option is offered, in addition to supplying from the main stream product range.
We are also aware that technical safety is a primary consideration of procurement, as out of specification raw materials can cross contaminate a factory environment, as well as the finished product.

In view of these important aspects, this area is an ongoing project for our Italian based technical manager, who is well versed in the UK market standards for Italian foods.

This is part of the service offered by Fratelli Bosco to its customers, in addition to value for money, delivery, stock management and customer service.