Fratelli Bosco has supplied many of the UK’s manufacturing companies for over 10 years with continued success. The company supplies ingredients to the pizza, pasta, sandwich and ready meal sectors to name a few.  We have seen huge changes in these markets during this time with customer commercial and technical demands increasing all the time.  Initially, Fratelli Bosco was dealing predominantly with cooked and cured meats, cheeses and pasta but has now expanded its portfolio to include Italian vegetables, authentic breads and sauces, in order to keep the company at the forefront of product development, a life blood of the business.

The manufacturing sector in the UK is very much driven by retail consumer demand and ever changing food trends.  Fratelli Bosco understands the pressure this puts on manufacturers to use high quality ingredients that are ready prepared and safe for a factory to handle, while still being competitively priced.  Much development work has been carried out with suppliers, to enable us to offer all our products in various formats, chilled and frozen, so that they are suitable for purpose. 

If you have a particular product you are looking to source, what ever it maybe, please feel free to contact us.