Our History

Fratelli Bosco Ltd was founded in 1995 by Aldo and Nicola Bosco as an expansion of their father’s business.

Aldo and Nicola had spent all of their working lives in the food business, starting when they were children in the 1960’s working on their father’s mobile van selling Italian products. As with many Italian families, their father emigrated to the UK after the second world war for the promise of work and soon realised the lack of Italian products in the UK. He saw the opportunity of importing a variety of products for the local, expatriate community and purchased a small mobile van, travelling to the local villages and towns.

Aldo & Nicola worked with their father until they left school, when Aldo felt it was important to gain experience outside the family business and was offered a job with Continental Wine & Food as a sales representative. He worked there for nearly four years, when he was offered the chance in 1988 to join Italy’s largest producer of salami, Fiorucci, who were setting up their UK office. Aldo enjoyed six successful years with Fiorucci but noticed a big gap in the manufacturing market, with all the Italian producers focused solely on retail.

Aldo’s father handed the business over to his sons and they started to expand into the manufacturing sector, where in less than three years they were supplying some of the biggest company names in the food industry today.

By the turn of the century, Fratelli Bosco had invested heavily in key personnel which helped them gain entry into the Retail and Food Service markets, making them one of the UK’s most respected importers of continental products.

Sadly Nicola died in 2003 which was not only massive loss to his family but also to Fratelli Bosco. Thankfully, Nicola left a legacy of knowledge and experience to Aldo’s son Anthony with whom he had worked closely and could therefore take over his role. The family business has continued successfully with the further introduction of Aldo’s second son Stefan, who has taken on an accounts and planning role.

Nicola (left) and Aldo (right)